Laundry trolley

Laundry trolleys are a simple and flexible way of transporting...

Roll container

Roll container are ideally suited to transport various goods from...

Nestable roll container

Nestable roll container are the best way to manage space when it...

Ball trolley

For sports clubs, schools or the private basement, our ball...

Pallet cages

Pallet cages are the "all-rounders" when it comes to the storage...

Plastic pallets/ containers

Whether big boxes, euro containers or hygienic plastic pallets....


Do you still need accessories for your laundry or roll container?...

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Laundry container Bonn 4.2 Steel Bottom
Available now!


Laundry container Premium I S 4.0 Wooden Bottom
Available now!
Elastic strap, Type 2 wire pegs, black
Available now!
Elastic strap, Type 1 wire peg/ 1 loop, black
Available now!
Textile strap with elastic rubber (520 x 50 mm), 2 wire...
Available now!
Laundry container Premium I L 3.0 Wooden Bottom
Available now!
Elastic strap, Type 1 metal peg/ 1 metal loop, grey
Available now!