Laundry container

Would you like to transport large quantities of laundry comfortably and reliably from A to B? Our laundry container offer plenty of space and are equipped for countless areas of application. In particular, however, they are suitable for hotels, laundries, old people's homes.

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Halle XXL

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Bonn 4.2 Steel Bottom
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Premium I S 4.0 Wooden Bottom
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Premium I L 4.0 Wooden Bottom
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Laundry container for the convenient transport

Laundry container are the ideal solution for in-house transports of large quantities of laundry. Whether in the spa or thermal bath, hotels, residential and nursing homes or in gastronomy. Laundry container are solid mesh boxes on castors, which you can get from us with different bottoms, side walls and sizes. With them laundry bags, large individudal items and laundry such as towels or small laundry container can be transported. Thanks to the mounted castors, our laundry container can be moved easily and ensures good maneuverability. Foldable and swivel-mounted doors ensure easy handling.

Find your laundry container with castors that will suppoer you in your efficient work processes.

Laundry container in different versions

We provide laundry container in different versions. Our 3- or 4-sided version ensure a stable support. You not only navigate through large halls and corridors, but also in narrow aisles with agility and reliabilty. Use models with a steel bottom for transporting laundry bags or boxes. Laundry container with wooden or plastic bottom offer a load capacity of up to 500 kg and have a stable platform for individual items of laundry.

With us you will find many laundry container versions, according to your requirements.

They offer different dimensions and are equipped with high-quality castors and bottoms.

Our laundry container also differ in the meshing of their lattice walls. Close-meshed steel wire offer for example an optimal support for smaller items of laundry. With our wide range of options, you can decide for yourself what is necessary or advantageous for your company. We offer you a large selection of laundry container with flexible equipment. Intermediate and fitted shelves made of plastic, steel or wood can optionally be installed, with which work processes can be combined and simplified.

Equipment for laundry container

With us you will find laundry container that are suitable for a wide range of requirements, work processes an requirements in your company. A hotel laundry container is in use very day. At any time of the day, it moves large quantities of laundry and accessories for different areas such as restaurants, spa?s or room cleaning. In addition, not all hallways and corridors are created equal. The laundry container must also be able to pass through narrow aisles and run flawlessly on different floors such as carpet, parquest, rubber or tiles. Combinations of swivel- and fixed castors on your laundry container ensure stable travel on long, straight distances and good maneuverabilty on small areas.

Purchase your new and optimal equipped laundry container today from Seewald Transportgeraete, your specialist partner for laundry- and roll container!